No Smell 12-32oz w/Sprayers

No Smell 12-32oz bottles w/ sprayers
Item# nosmell12

Product Description

No Smell is an odor eliminator and multipurpose cleaner. It is all natural, and non-toxic. We use no chemicals. Great for restaurants, boaters, hunters, and fisherman. No Smell has been formulated to get rid of any and all odors. Just spray and walk away. It will even kill mold, mildew, and odor causing bacteria to keep odors from coming back. NO Smell can be used to clean most everything. It is wonderful for cleaning any kind of surface such as counters, stainless steel, glass, upholstery, carpet, even use it in your laundry! Restaurants can use it to clean everything in and out of the kitchen. Great for Seafood restaurants also. Boaters can use this on their entire boat, it will even remove blood stains and fish slime. Hunters can use this in their laundry before the big hunt to eliminate any odors so the deer will never know you are there, and also take along the bottle to use for cleanup after a field dressing. Fishermen use this to get rid of that fish smell on their hands and/or clothes. Other great uses,... diaper pails, smoke odors, trash, pet odors. Great to put straight on your animal if they come home smelling of skunk.